> Starting the “money talk” with parents

Talking about money can be awkward under any circumstances – and it can be all the more uncomfortable when discussing the topic with aging parents. Over the years I have read several pieces on how to start the conversation, many of which are quite good. This piece that appeared in Kiplinger I found particularly helpful:

> Your four “must have” documents

  1. POA
  2. Advance Medical Directive
  3. HIPAA release
  4. Will

> Larger list of documents and planning information

Whether preparing and consolidating your own important documents or your parents,’ always remember: your advance planning is useful only if a responsible party knows where to find the information. So, once you’ve assembled everything, put it in a safe place and tell the involved parties where to find the documents.

Find the list here:

> Website for Elder Law attorneys licensed in Virginia

To find a complete list of Elder Law attorneys licensed in Virginia, visit the The Virginia Academy of Elder Law Attorneys website at:

> List of Elder Law attorneys licensed in Virginia (current as of 12/20):