Andrew Norton, RE/MAX Associate Broker

Laurie is phenomenal. She knows more about reverse mortgages than anyone I have met. She routinely works with Realtors, accountants, CPAs, homeowner associations, and title companies, explaining reverse mortgages. She is very aware of the personal circumstances where a reverse mortgage may be beneficial. Most of all, she is very sensitive to seniors and their families as to the details and impacts of the reverse mortgages. When considering a reverse mortgage for yourself, a loved one, or a client, call Laurie.

J. Grimes, I.T. Specialist

I wanted to express my satisfaction with how Laurie MacNaughton handled my parents’ reverse mortgage. Laurie was there to help them cross every hurdle, every step of the way. We have a great asset with Laurie, as she truly cares about each and every one of her clients.

John Carr, Financial Advisor

I had the good fortune of having Laurie do my Aunt’s Reverse Mortgage. She did an absolutely outstanding job. She is a professional who knows this business very well. She also has excellent people skills and I found her to be a pleasure to work with. As a Financial Advisor myself I can highly recommend Laurie to anyone who is in need of a Reverse Mortgage.

Alan Myers, Associate Vice President, Morgan Stanley

I have had several opportunities to refer clients to Laurie when I thought a reverse mortgage made sense for their financial situation. Her expertise with the system and the product always resulted in the best solution for the client. She provides a great explanation of a sometimes confusing solution, and always helps clients understand how that solution may be best for their circumstance. I have great confidence that if Laurie concludes that a reverse mortgage is not the best solution, she will say so. She is professional, knowledgeable, and caring of every client.

Phil Menke, Attorney

Laurie is super friendly and knowledgeable. I frequently refer my clients to her to see if a reverse mortgage might be helpful for them. You can trust Laurie to be honest with you, and she can explain the entire process for you in an understandable way.

Rick Gow, Wealth Management Advisor

I am pleased to write a recommendation for Laurie. She has a passion for helping seniors find the best possible solutions for their cash needs. But it goes beyond that, as she extends her efforts to sometimes unbelievable lengths to assist her clients. It is truly a pleasure to work with her, and I am fortunate to call her a business partner.

Terry Cheatle, Real Estate Broker

Laurie is the best at Reverse Mortgages. She can explain to agents and customers the entire process. You will love working with her.

Carolyn DiPrinzio, SVP Financial Consultant

Laurie is the ultimate professional!
In all of her dealings with my clients, she has been extremely attentive and focused on client service. She has the ability to make a complex product and process understandable to each individual. To a person, every one of my clients has come back to me and thanked me for referring them to Laurie. She was able to put their mind at ease and to help them move forward in their lives.
Thank you Laurie for being a trusted advisor in the field of reverse mortgages!

Jean Galloway Ball, Partner, Hale Ball Carlson Baumgartner Murphy, PLC

Laurie is a fabulous resource on reverse mortgages. In relying on her advice I am confident my clients are being well-served. I would highly recommend her for anyone interested in a reverse mortgage.

Rocio Duty, Realtor and a customer for life

Laurie helped my parents with their reverse mortgage loan (HECM for purchase). During the entire process she was so patient with them. She explained in detail everything that they needed to know. She was extremely knowledgeable and very professional.
I’m a real estate agent and I deal with loan officers all the time. There is no one like Laurie. She’s one of a kind! I highly recommend Laurie MacNaughton.

Elizabeth L. Gray, Attorney-at-Law

Laurie MacNaughton is my go-to person for any and all information regarding reverse mortgages. Not only is Ms. MacNaughton knowledgeable about reverse mortgages, she explains things easily, and spends time with you so that you feel comfortable about what you are doing. She has a compassionate heart and tries to help everyone she meets. Even if you have just one question to ask about a reverse mortgage – call Laurie MacNaughton!!

Ellen Butters, Principal Broker/Owner EXIT Cornerstone Realty

Laurie is a true professional with the heart of a servant. I admire her initial instinct to learn all she can about her client, and offer then options to prepare for the future or handle immediate challenges they are facing. Her ability to educate the public as well as fellow professionals like myself and my Realtors, is distinct and thorough. Laurie is my go to specialist when it comes to anyone in need of or asking about reverse mortgages.

Steve Joyce, Mortgage Loan Officer

Laurie is one of those professionals who really knows her stuff, and who really cares about her clients and the situations that they are in. She has great knowledge of her product and also knows the people who can help her get the job done. If I have questions about people who might need a reverse product, I know who to call.

Adam Davis, Certified Home Inspector

Laurie is quite simply the best of the best when it comes to helping clients understand reverse mortgages. I have watched her teach in front of groups, referred clients to her, and met her on projects that had to be renovated before they could be financed, and am always impressed with the care and consideration she gives all her clients. If you have a friend, family member or client who would benefit from a Reverse Mortgage, you cannot do better than to meet with Laurie.


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