Most Americans want to remain in their own home as they age. However, paying for in-home care can create serious financial strain on adult children. A reverse mortgage may make it financially possible for our parents to age in place.

Following is some helpful information when considering an FHA HECM for your parents:

• The bank does NOT get your parents’ home once they permanently leave the home.

• The home always remains titled in your parents’ name.

• If you or your siblings wish to retain the home after your parents permanently leave the home, you may refinance the home into your name – just as you would if your parents had a traditional “forward” mortgage.

• If the home goes up in value, any retained equity goes to the heirs or the estate; only the amount due on the mortgage is repaid.

• If the home goes down in value, the amount due on the mortgage can never exceed the value of the home.

For more information on how a reverse mortgage works, see my YouTube video, The Basics of How a Reverse Mortgage Works:


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