Wouldn’t it be funny…

Wouldn’t it be funny – really funny – if today you ran into a person who dogmatically warned you not to drive too far lest you fall off the edge of the world? Or taught the sun revolves around the earth? Or that babies come from kissing?

Most of us never had a chance to believe these things, because we were taught the truth at the same time we learned the fallacy had once existed.

But how about this? With a reverse mortgage, the bank gets the house and the homeowner is never allowed to move from the home. I heard that one today. Today.

Did you know these are as false as is the concept of falling off the edge of the world?

Watch my little video…and let me know what you think. I always love hearing from you.

Three Common Reverse Mortgage Myths


Laurie MacNaughton, President’s Club, is a free lance writer and a Reverse Mortgage Specialist with Southern Trust Mortgage. She can be reached at 703-477-1183, or LMacNaughton@SouthernTrust.com




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