The Twelve-Month Rule

He’s not young. He’s not well. He needs a financial buffer. But for another six months he cannot move forward with a reverse mortgage.

And why not?

Because in a move that hit everyone by surprise, in December FHA enacted guidelines stating homeowners must now wait a full calendar year from the date of their most recent property lien before doing a reverse mortgage, if more than $500 was received from the transaction. This waiting period is called “seasoning.”

What does this mean?

In many cases it means that if homeowners have refinanced, or have established a home equity line of credit, they must wait a full 12 months before applying for a HECM.

The gentleman mentioned above is a perfect example of why it’s enormously important to know this. Six months ago, as his wife lay dying of Alzheimer’s, he refinanced his home in order to lower his interest rate and to reduce his monthly payment. In the process he took out $2,700 to pay down medical debt.

But here’s the thing: he doesn’t need a lower monthly payment. He needs NO monthly payment – and access to liquidity to cover unexpected expenses. A reverse mortgage is the only mainstream financial product available that accomplishes both. And now he’s in the unfortunate position of having to tread water until he can qualify.

Nearly every one of us is working to help family, friends, neighbors, or clients age with independence and dignity. And a reverse mortgage is going to play an important financial role for many.

Some new guidelines have already kicked in. More are on the way. And some changes, like the twelve-month Seasoning rule, are big.

Give me a call and let’s get caught up – I always love hearing from you.


Laurie MacNaughton [506562] is a freelance writer and Reverse Mortgage Consultant with Southern Trust Mortgage.

She can be reached at 703-477-1183 Direct or

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