Who is my neighbor?

Who is my neighbor? In this case, it’s our actual neighbor.

In the shadow of Virginia’s mightiest wealth sits a little farmhouse. Once darling, it now suffers from years of deferred maintenance.

In the house sits a little woman. Still darling, she now suffers severely from Parkinson’s. Due to illness she cannot remedy her home’s repair issues, and her medical bills have consumed her savings.

Over the past two weeks local businesses, including Rankin’s Hardware in Warrenton, Lowe’s in Gainesville, and Golden Rule Builders in Catlett donated materials. Service providers performed pro bono inspections. A professional contractor surveyed the scope of the undertaking.

Still needful, however, was manpower – hammer-wielding, paintbrush-wrangling volunteers.

Into this space stepped three local congregations, including Saint James’ Episcopal Church and Fauquier Jewish Congregation, both in Warrenton, and Church of the Word in Gainesville. Saint James’ is coordinating the effort, and, along with Fauquier Jewish Congregation and Church of the Word, is providing both teen and adult work crews.

This homeowner has never lived large. She has not spent extravagantly. She is not bitter, she is not self-pitying, she is not morose. But she does need help. When told local businesses and congregations would be repairing her home, the homeowner openly wept. “I can’t believe people really care,” she says. “I can’t believe there are still people like this out there.”

Work begins Friday, June 28th, and is expected to take one week.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please contact Dorothy at DorothySJE@aol.com.


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